Manpower Service Solutions

PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung has its main business as a Manpower services provider, i.e. workers are hired by PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung but assigned to client companies for specific periods on assignment basis. PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung is committed to implement responsible workplace program to ensure worker are highly engaged and aware of their labour rights

What We Do

The client company is the principal employer to the worker and PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung is the “immediate” employer to the worker.

  • Workers on behalf of employers
  • Preparation of Documents for interview and other related departments
  • Runner’s job i.e. Submission, Payment & Collection of calling visa, worker’s permit at Immigration Office and  other related government department
  • Workers Interview & Selection at Source Country
  • Worker’s clearance
  • Transportation to and from airport upon worker’s arrival
  • Worker’s Accommodation (Hostel & Dormitory)
  • Transportation Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Worker’s Welfare & Management
  • Counseling Services