About Us

Welcome to PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung

A professional Manpower Supply Company since 1997.

Who Are We

A Manpower Supply Company that focuses on delivering staffing needs for foreign companies.

Where Are We

Our main office is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Additionally, our branch offices are located around Indonesia to help attract locals to work overseas.

What We Do

We provide tailored services to meet our clients need and at the same time provide Indonesian workers the opportunity to work overseas.

Our history

Established in year 1997, PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung started itself through employee recruitment to various overseas manufacturing companies. From the beginning, PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung has been providing full foreign manpower recruitment services from selection, interview, processing, to delivery of foreign workforce which helps clients to save time, cost as well as the unwanted hassle.

Today, PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung is staffing solution provider which offers client flexible staffing solutions with high efficiency & productivity. We focus on the difficulties that most of the companies encounter when they require short term & contract semi-skilled or skilled workforce. With high level of commitment & experience, PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung has seen consistent growth in the provision of labour to a wide range of multinational companies in both recruiting & contracting services. Our provision of services focus on manufacturing & service sectors ranging from electrical & electronics, rubber and plastics, steel, chemicals, machinery, solar, food & beverage, recycle, construction, plantation, hotel as well as cleaning & maintenance industries.

As market & clients’ needs has been expending tremendously, in 2016, PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung, stepped further and begin servicing for the Australian, Poland and Romania market through the provision of employees in the hospitality & Manufacturing industry. Up to present, PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung had successfully recruited more than twenty thousand foreign workers through recruitment & training centers in overseas. An achievement worth noting for.

License and Permit

PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung had been granted the License for the placement of Indonesian workers overseas. This is true under the Indonesia’s Employment Act 39 (2004), Act 133 (2004) and Act 4445 (2004), the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers Abroad. 

In addition, this license also permits PT. Sukamulia Mandiri Agung for the implementation and placement of Indonesian workers abroad under the Republic of Indonesia’s Minister of Manpower Regulation Act 42 of 2015, Labor Law No.18 of 2017.

Approval License SMA from Workforce Development Agent, Ministry of Labor Taiwan - ROC